To that anon with the sore dick: That can happen with growth (rapid growth mostly). My Endo said it was normal. Its just growing pains in a sensitive area and its fine your junk will be fine. The pain will be on and off but it should stop after a few months.


Scared the doc will make me stop T. Its too sensitive to masturbate, sensitive in a bad way, sharp shooting pains down it. Ever had this? Am i having nerve damage from growth?

I don’t think the doctor will advise you to stop taking T over that, and I don’t think they can even “stop” you from taking it without them getting in trouble in most countries that support trans people, unless for some reason there’s a big health complication linked to taking T and that’s a symptom, which I doubt because I have been researching HRT for years and never heard of that happening. I truly wouldn’t worry about that happening, and even if it does, find other trans friendly doctors so they can help you along with your transition, or at worst, get a second or third opinion.

It’s quite normal for guys to have issues with sex and masturbation, and even non sexual contact after they start T. I know I did for the first few months and so do a lot of other people. I had to be careful with what underwear I put on because some types of underwear would feel really uncomfortable against my johnson, lol. Sex is also a new an awkward and even at times it can be uncomfortable for people new to medical transitioning. Your genitals are going through a big change. I don’t know the complete rundown of what occurs in great detail in ~science words~, but it’s alright if it takes you awhile to get used to what’s going on down there. I don’t want to get too into details about myself here, but the first few months on T was like “What the hell” in an awkward and bad way and then after that it was like “Yasss gaga” 

What’s not good is the shooting pain. Think about what triggers that? Does it occur when you’re cleaning your rifle? I’m laughing. I love slang. If it’s happening when you’re jerking the gherkin, think of the way you’re going about it and try other techniques to ease the discomfort and pain. It’s one those topics I don’t really want to go into detail with, as it’s kind of uncomfortable and it’s your body and you are best at figuring out what feels good for you. If it’s something that’s happening without stimulation, I think it’s something you should talk to your doctor about, and if it doesn’t ease up with time and a change of technique, I still think it would be a good idea, just so you can get their opinion on the matter and have your worries settled. As for damage from growth, I’ve never heard of that happening. 



Why are celebrities so small when I meet them in person

They shrink themself because they know they’re going to meet you and they don’t want you to be intimidated by their height. Lol

Thanks science side of tumbler

My sex drive and orgasms have turned really shitty on T, they're nowhere near as intense or satisfying. Shouldn't this be the opposite way round?

That is weird. Have you talked to your doc about it?

I thought a high/exaggeratedly male hairline was actually a tell of being trans since trans guys seem to bald or have receding hairlines more than cis guys from some reason. I once watched a video of a trans guy I thought passed as cis talking about his experience with a chaser creeping on him in a bar. The chaser brought up him and a lot of trans guys having really high hairlines as how he clocked him. Then tried to spy on him in the bathroom, ugh. Hairline also varies a lot with ethnicity.

I saw the same video. That guy just managed to pick one in a thousand. That was luck if you could even call it that.
The thing is, plenty of cis guys also have high hairlines and go bald young. If you look at any young male with a high hairline or that’s balding, and you claim to know they are trans, you’re being ridiculous. The hairline thing is complete billshit. A handful of guys I went to high school with are now balding. Some of them naturally have high hairlines. Are they all trans now? Can’t you (this isn’t necessarily personal, it’s a general you) see how ridiculous that is?

Hey nick, I just got really sick, I haven't been sick for years and I didn't even make it to the toilet :/ I feel a lot better now though, I think it was the peas that I ate. I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I suppose it's something different from anon hate, eh? Anyways, I have to get up in an hour for class so yeah, stay awesome and keep blogging cool things haha

If it makes you feel any better, I shit my pants one time when I was in school. I’m not playing who has it worse either, I just hope you can look at this example and think “well it could’ve happened in a classroom of 30 kids but it didn’t so I feel 1% better.” Shitting yourself regardless of location and how many people are there is just crappy though. Really gets you down in the dumps. It’s a shirty situation. Haha did you see those puns I’m so lonely

when i was in school it was just "don't make me snap my fingers in a Z-formation, exclamation, butt rotation, elbows elbows wrists wrists kiss this you just got dissed" i'm impressed at how far it's come

Really? We didn’t have that at school. I thought that song was it, like, there was nothing before that. I feel like I missed out something I should’ve experienced.

Respect to you, that is dedication :P

To make it better I don’t even own a waterproof case so it’s brave.

Transmansable, thoughts on him? Creepy or nah?

He is my boyfriend and I love him

I can’t believe I was only 6 when this song came out.


Wow that video. I have pretty much been post transition for a few years now in Melbourne and you’re the only person on tumblr who posts trans related things I’ve continually checked on, I usually just sit back and chuckle at all these asshole things that go on tumblr community that you deal with but that Cayden cunt really rubbed me the wrong way. If I’m in a safe environment and I’m on coming out to everyone and being a trans rights crusader I’m according to this prick apparently being selfish? If I came out to everyone I know that doesn’t already know from the past) I know for sure that about 95% of them would not actually give a shit and would be hella supportive or even just accepting. I AM in a place and surrounded by people where if I chose to be out and proud I would have no fears for my safety but guess what buddy? I don’t fucking want to nor am I obligated to, because that part of my life caused me so much pain. I’m now in a place where I am mentally stable again, no longer in and out of the psych ward, no longer chronically abusing drugs as means to escape how I was born and the skewed life I experienced as a result, no longer fixated on whether I should end it all.

Yeah you’re right mate the world could do with more trans representation, and I COULD potentially and safely represent the trans community, but that’s a part of my life I fought hard for years to get past and would very much like to forget about it and move on with my life. I don’t go out of my way to deny being trans if it’s found out, but I would much rather forget about the entire fucking thing because now I’m starting to experience little growing shreds of happiness i’ve never felt in regards to my life and self perception. Things finally feel right for me. But oh riiight no I should be out and proud because I accessed, oh no sorry I mean in your words TOOK ADVANTAGE of the resources put into play by trans folk and allies before me…that these people fought for, for the express purpose of making it easier for us to get on with our lives… How is that hard for this dude to understand? It’s not about being ashamed of being trans or hiding from society, if someone finds out about or brings it up in conversation I’m fine and am capable of talking about it (reluctantly) about it and educate where people are misinformed. But it’s very rare for it to come up because at the end of the day now people see me as I’ve always seen myself – just some dude. And I would like it to stay that way. I just happen to be trans.

I would like to continue living in this semi happy place I’ve finally found without some little cunt who thinks he’s top shit telling me that I have a duty to make this debilitating brain/body disconnect known to the world. No thanks asshole, I’m happier than ever, fuck you and your shitty opinion you ignorant prick. Use your fucking brain and give it a real think why people might want to live their lives stealth.

Sorry about the massive rant, Nick. I usually don’t get involved in these things but that kid just really offended me and also I do not have a youtube account to comment on the video and I’m not good with navigating tumblr so I’ve just vented here. Keep soldiering on, you’ve got a good open mindset when it comes to this tumblr trans shit and that’s why you’re one of the only tumblrs I’ve consistently checked on. I feel a little better now I’ve gotten this off my chest, cheers bud

Sorry for the later than expected response. I got sidetracked after my shower and wanted to give this a well thought out response. I have been out of it for awhile now and it’s hard to focus like usual for minutes at a time.

You seem like the sort of person I would like. We are alike from what I know about you. I think where I am now in live, with my own mental comfort and this actual location I’m living in, I would be ok unless the wrong people found out. I know a lot of people and I would get a mixed bag of reactions. Some people wouldn’t want to talk to me and that would mostly go back to their religious beliefs and how they were raised. Most people I know are not violent and even if I did encounter someone violent and transphobic, good luck to them. I think people perceive me as gentle and nice but also know not to cross the line with me.

Clarification: When I said I would be ok being out, I don’t mean that life would be good. I would get teased. I would get asked a bunch of shit questions all the time. I would lose friends and people I know in my life. I would be constantly uncomfortable knowing that everyone knows something I consider extremely personal. My quality of life would decrease. My self esteem would go down. Social situations would be super uncomfortable. That’s not worth coming out for. Even if the bottom line is me feeling more comfortable being stealth and not wanting to come out for no particular reason, that’s fucking good enough. If someone wants to play the “But you need to help the trans community and pay it forward” card, they can fuck off. There’s already enough Aiden’s and Cayden’s lol “helping” the trans community and I want no association with them. There’s also plenty of people doing great work for the trans community. In a perfect world, I would be helping them. But this isn’t a perfect world and I need to put myself first. In a perfect world I would also be over in 3rd world countries helping out, I would be a vet so I could save the lives of injured animals, and I would be a teacher too so I could help educate other people. Cayden can bend over and shove that perfect world up his ass along with his terrible opinions and general attitude. So can his friends.

Right. I’m getting off topic.

I have no obligation to be out, you don’t either. Cayden is a, and I hate using this word, but a privileged twat. He’s some kid from Cali and attending uni, with a girlfriend, having fun smoking a lot of pot, got some friends, blahdy blah. He’s doing fine with his life. He is lucky enough to feel comfortable living out and socially, it doesn’t cause him consequences that are bad enough for him to stop for a millisecond and think “Hey, shit, this isn’t nice. Maybe being stealth is a better option.”

As I said at the start of this message, my head is very fluffy right now. Sorry if my response sounded dumb. It’s hard to think straight and be articulate. All in all, I completely understand where you are coming from and hope you can move past his bullshit soon. That video put me in a sour mood the other day too and that doesn’t happen a lot.

Haha yeah I'm sorry, that massive rant wouldn't fit in your ask box but now I feel bad for bombarding you with that

Its fine my friend I will answer it as soon as I am out the shower. Yes im typing this from the shower

Science says I’m hot. Take that, girls who don’t like me back.