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I’m glad I learned to stop chasing “friends” who don’t bother dropping by or contacting me at all anymore. 

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My boss: I need to find more memes
Me: no you don't

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Truscum are some of the unfunniest people I have ever met

Faking panic attacks isn’t funny either, which is what you did. 

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Oh man there are too many girls here with orange fake tan and fake dyed black hair.

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Christ, smoking is a disgusting habit. These people don’t know how bad they smell and how silly they look.

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Update: no one even recognised me hahaha

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It’s like 12 degrees windy as and some dumb cunt is walking around in his pretty boy 40 dollar cotton on singlet

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I’m going to a place now where I will see people from high school and they could possibly recognise me. The issue? I look like a young man. My chest is flat. I dress like a guy, and I got stubble. As long as no one outs me or causes a scene, I don’t give a shit. In fact, this scenario makes me laugh a bit. My confidence within myself now can bother those people. I think sometimes they expect me to be ashamed like I was in high school.

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prototran said: I’m sorry man, I know how hard unrequited love is on someone. I only just shook a crush of a couple years. She’s still one of my best friends, but it no longer hits me like a truck when I talk to her. I hope you manage to get over It soon.

Thanks for the love. It’s always nice to know that people I know too are dealing with the same shit. It sucks, but I guess it can give us some comfort knowing we aren’t alone. It does for me, anyway. I actually feel a bit down over it all right now which is odd because I have been enthusiastic about liking her mostly. I thought I would of had a little chance but with all these factors, I don’t think I have any chance with her at all, not even as a friend outside of work. I would describe this feeling as “a bummer”

I’m glad those feelings don’t hit you so hard anymore. In high school I was in love with one of my friends for a few years. Shit was tough. 

leowithani said: 

Yeah she knows but I’m able to push the feelings aside enough that it doesn’t really affect our friendship. Something about her gives me hope that it may happen one day though. She’s aware that I don’t want to give up on it and she’s fine with that.

Luckily in your case, you won’t get too attached. She was my best friend first though, so even if that’s the only relationship we have, I’m okay with that.

I hope something does happen one day. It’s rough that you have to deal with lingering feelings like that, but I am glad that she still supports you. Friends can get weirded out if you like them and it can destroy the relationship…

Mm, that’s one thing that makes me feel better. I feel a bit crappy now about it - so I don’t even want to know what I would feel if my feeling grew. I still worry my feelings might stay even some time after she goes. I didn’t see her for 4 weeks straight recently and still thought about her daily. Lame.

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Yay thanks you two I am fucking stupid

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People who have a brain?

I need to figure out how many hours I worked last week. I know how much I got paid, and I know how much I get paid per hour, but I can’t remember how to mathematically take how much I got paid, what I get paid an hour, and use that to work out how many hours I did. Can anyone help me please? Thanks.

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It especially doesn’t go away if you’re really good friends. I’ve liked the same girl for three years. Can’t shake it.

Ouch dude. Does she know? Or wouldn’t it ever work?

I guess it’s good for me that I won’t see her anymore soon as she is going away, and then she won’t work at my job. I would love to keep seeing her, obviously, but I wouldn’t want lingering feelings if it meant they weren’t going to go anywhere.

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I’m Rodney right now

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I’m a little fucked off about still liking someone who will never like me back. If I have a crush on someone, usually it’s so small, it lasts for 2 days, and then after I don’t care about them anymore. I want to be a heartless prick right now.

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