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If you had been born the opposite sex, what would your parents have called you?

I’m just interested to know, that’s all.

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    probably Elliot?? Nah idk actually but I want my name to be either Kim or Eren
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    Brian Andrew, so my initials would be BAD.I suppose to reflect all of my life choices
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    I would have been Daniel.
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    My mom really liked the name Yoshi, which is weird because we’re not Japanese, but that’s what we ended up naming our...
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    Gustav Octavius
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    d’Artagnon (Dart for short) or Daniel. My brother would be Patricia if he were a girl.
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    I would have been Stacy.
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    Eric. Yeah they just added an a to my name once they found out I was a girl. ._.
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    They didn’t quite know for sure what they’d call me, but they’d considered the name “Logan”… which, incidentally, later...
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    River or Rayne, either way it was going to start with R and be 5 or 7 letters. My mom’s mad as a hatter.
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    Titus Cap… I’m not kidding.
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    Nathan Issac.
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    Kai I love that name so much it would have suited me so well too
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    I would of been russell but then I was a girl, named my lil bro that though
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    My fucking name would be Edward, or Alexander which is better
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    Alexander, Alex same as what I have now :|
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    Daniel. SNORE.
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    Lucius Levitt
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    I would have been Damien, too! :D
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    Eric Ross.
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    I was going to be called Alexandro, because my mother tells me that the doctor who helped her on the labour was called...
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    Dana. The fuck kind of name is Dana?
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    Robert, we’re big Manchester United fans
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    Andrei, ‘cos my parents wanted a kid named Andrei no matter what. Three guesses what my brother’s first name is.
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    Nikolai or Nicholas for my great uncle who died ~fighting the Blackshirts in the old country~
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    The name I have now couldn’t even be agreed on. No telling what they would’ve named me if I had been a boy.
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    LOL ELO I just almost spilled coffee over my entire laptop!! xDDDDDDDD
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    I’m guessing I’ll have my little brother’s name. Khalil.
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    I asked my mother this, and the answer was that “that wasn’t an option.” She wouldn’t let them tell her my gender, went...
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    I was supposed to be a boy, so they kept calling me Junior… And then I was a girl… I don’t know… They really like the...
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    idk my mum said isaac so
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    Joshua. I was supposed to be Joshua but then SURPRISE, I was not a dude.
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    My parents were kicking around the name Lee, partially because my mom was in love with a big fan of Lee Stetson from...
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