ASUS F501A-XX143H Notebook Review - a word of warning!

Read about the laptop here.

I purchased this laptop from a Dick Smith store on special for 400 dollars about 2 weeks ago. I think that the look and feel of the laptop is awesome. I’m not entirely used to laptop keyboards so I do stuff up more so then what I do on my computers keyboard, and I’m not used to the touch pad, so I plug in a mouse. The webcam and microphone are extremely average, but that’s fine, it’s no big deal to me.

During the 2 or so weeks I owned this laptop, I used it about 7 times, and charged it about 3 times. During the time I used it, I would check Facebook and Tumblr with it. I checked my emails once. I uploaded a few TV episodes onto it, along with one movie, and I only watched 2 Tv episodes on the laptop. I went on YouTube and watched about 3 episodes of a show on there. I uploaded a few word documents on it, along with about 200 photos. That is all I did on my laptop, and the purpose of it was to watch videos, store documents and some photos, and to access to basic websites on the internet.

These are the issue I am having with it.

  • freezes before it gets to the log in screen
  • loads the desktop photo, no icons, nothing else, and then freezes
  • loads the page before the desktop page (don’t know what it’s called, but I’m running Windows 8), and the cursor won’t stop with that loading symbol, even though there’s nothing else to load, so when i go to click something, it won’t work, or it freezes
  • the screen goes grey
  • when I finally get onto the desktop, and everything loads, when I try to open a file, it won’t work, sometimes resulting in the laptop freezing
  • sometimes when I try to start it up, it says “Your PC has run into an error, we need to restart” even though nothing happened, expect that I turned it on

In conclusion, I can’t understand why this laptop is doing this, or why anything I have done on it could provoke it like this. It looks fantastic, but it works like a piece of crap. I rate the durability and how well it works a 0/10. I do not suggest buying this, you would be better off literally throwing your money away, and to save the stress of ever buying one, punch yourself in the head.

EDIT: I returned the laptop and got a different one. The guy at Dick Smith said my laptop was behaving in a very unusual way.

  1. the-garden-of-fez said: I think you should be fine if you have ID and go back directly to the same store. I had a similar problem with Dick Smith and was able to get my laptop repaired without a receipt. You might have to whinge a bit tho.
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