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Morbidly obese man sues doctor

I’m really fat boo hoo all my health problems that have come out from me being a fat shit are my doctors fault he owes me money now because it’s all his fault! Give me money even though I have no use for it considering I’ll be dead soon because I am far too obese!

This cunt is going to get so much hate from Aussies. He better go and sue the supermarkets for selling him food, his couch because it didn’t encourage him to exercise, and me too because I never stopped him from being morbidly obese.

Watch offended fat people hate on me now that this is tagged.

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    Also, WLS (weight loss surgery) isn’t always 100% effective. It’s not a quick fix that some people want to think it is,...
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    Also, for the Americans who are confused by metric: this guy is 5’2” and weighs 308 pounds. I really don’t understand...
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    Are you fucking serious. THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS!?!? Has the fat taken over your brain that you...
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    Reminds me of Dakota.
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