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I know being misgendered sucks but how can you blame someone who doesn’t know any better, like a stranger who is serving you at the grocery store. You can’t just act out at them because they “injured” you and call it a “microaggression”

I get it if you’re upset by it, but don’t be such a fucking tosser, be a bit mature and move on. Go be upset somewhere else, like in your room at home. Don’t throw a fit in public because someone saw you for what sex you appear to be, not what your gender is.

If you are going to address the fact you’re misgendered, have some tact. “I’m actually a boy, not a girl.” Not “DON’T YOU CALL ME A GIRL, YOU REALLY HURT MY FEELINGS, YOU ARE BEING MICROAGGRESIVE, I AM ALLOWED TO ACT OUT LIKE THIS BECAUSE IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME, I AM ALLOWED TO BE HURT!”

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  5. dsalvatorecosta said: Thank you. You prove yourself time and time again to be a bastion of sanity.
  6. fapitfelix said: Agreed so much omfg. I’ve gotten misgendered, and i either correct them and move on or ignore it. Dont punish a complete stranger for just responding like normal.
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    Same goes to parents of babies in gender neutral clothing. I’m sorry I accidentally called your precious she a “he. Get...
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    I love you.
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    Agreed. I mean, being misgendered by a stranger really sucks and it can damper my whole day because I start to worry how...
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    Amen to that. Not every awkward faux pas is because of bigotry. We humans rely on visual stimuli to judge and define our...
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