Listen to a cis mans voice drop.

Tagging this with FTM because I think some of you will be interested.

I have been subscribed to this guy on YouTube for ages, he goes by Daniel/Phillip, he’s 18 now, and I took a break from his videos for about a year one time, came back to them, and thought someone else had take over the channel because the voice I heard was SO different. He never showed his face so that explains why I didn’t think it was the same person talking.

I know that some people within the FTM community expect their voice to just drop or get lower after a few months, but that’s not always the case. Some guys (trans or cis) do have an almost instant drop where their voice go from high to low, and I just figure this will be interesting to some people.

Don’t even bother watching the videos (unless they interest you), just listen to his voice and how it gradually changes. Just listen to a few seconds of each video, then go back and compare him today to something like his voice in 2011 even, because it was still “high” back then.

Phillip’s voice January 2009

Phillip’s voice December 2009

Phillip’s voice May 2010

Phillip’s voice March 2011

Phillip’s voice September 2011

[notice there is a fair drop here, his voice is getting proper deep now]

Phillip’s voice December 2011

Phillip’s voice May 2012

Phillip’s voice October 2012

Phillip’s voice today

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