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"Some men have vaginas"

You have no idea how much I hate these 4 words tied in together:

"man with a vagina"

As in “Some men have vaginas, get over it!” or “He is a man with a vagina, who cares!”

Do you know how uncomfortable that makes me I am referred to as that?

You’re reducing me to my genitalia, and even though you support me, it makes me feel terrible to get labeled as “man with a vagina.”

I’m so much more than that.

Please don’t point out the obvious. Yes, I am a man, yes, I do have that genitalia, but I hate acknowledging that it’s there, and I don’t really like my body being used as a silly statement to rub in transphobic peoples faces. It’s just so… insulting, hurtful, and obnoxious to me.

IMO it would be better to just settle for “Some people were born the opposite sex” if you have to, but my mind is foggy right now and I know there are better ways to address this than that.

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